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What is Reiki?

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Reiki is a healing technique and tool for personal growth.  It was developed in the early twentieth century by a Japanese man called Mikao Usui.  It was brought to the USA in the 1930's and has since spread throughout the world.  The practice of Reiki is increasing at a phenomenal rate and its popularity is due to its simplicity and effectiveness!

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy.  The word Reiki can be divided into two parts, Rei and Ki.

Rei describes the universal aspect of the energy, a supreme intelligence and power that orchestrates the creation and function of everything in the universe.  Some may call this intelligence and power God, Divine Energy, the Creator, or the Great Central Source of All Life.
Ki is the energy which flows in and around all living things.  It enters our body at conception and leaves at the time of death. Many cultures and religions are aware of the existence of this energy and have a corresponding word for it.  The Chinese call it Chi, the Hindus, Prana and to Christians it is known as light.  It is believed that the energy flows in the body along energy channels called meridians.  Acupuncture inserts needles into points on the meridians to stimulate the flow of Chi or Ki.

Scientists know that the whole universe is constantly in motion or vibrating and that this energy appears to have a consciousness of its own.  The density of objects is determined by the speed at which it is vibrating at a sub-atomic level.  Everything in nature, from a fleeting thought or emotion, to the hardest piece of diamond are frequencies of vibration This also applies to our physical body.  Each organ vibrates at its own frequency.  When we are in perfect physical, mental and emotional health we are vibrating in harmony with the universe.  The natural law of cause and effect means that anything which affects our system will have a vibration rate of its own and will therefore impact on the frequency at which we vibrate.  We can be strengthened or weakened depending on the stimulus.  The time and place of our conception and birth, the universe outside and within our solar system,  our country, town, work and home environment, geographical conditions (climate, altitude,  ecology etc.) interactions with others, diet and inherited tendencies etc. will all have a vibratory  effect on us.  Everything has an effect upon us and we in turn affect the whole universe with our own vibration.

Thoughts and emotions also vibrate at their own frequencies.  Negative emotions such as fear, worry and anger have the effect of slowing down our rate of vibration, restricting the flow of life force through our systems, reducing vitality.  This results in the accumulation of toxins within the cells of the body, reducing the flow of life force even further.  If the downward spiral is not halted we eventually suffer with serious health problems.

Subconscious thoughts also resonate vibrations which is why we can be affected by holding on to feelings arising from events in the past.  These vibrations affect our present life even if we are not consciously aware of it.  Positive thoughts and emotions such as faith, hope, love and happiness speed up the vibrations within our system.  They have a relaxing and harmonising influence, providing good vitality, natural immunity and increased recuperative power.
Reiki energy is the divine vibration of pure love.  When we are trained in the technique of Reiki we become a channel for concentrated Life Force Energy.  When we treat ourselves or others with Reiki the energy flows through the channel, out of the hands and into the body of the recipient.  It increases the vibrational frequency of the whole system.  Its relaxing effect increases the flow of energy within the body, clearing blockages, detoxifying the cells and bringing to the surface all that has remained hidden in the subconscious.  Reiki works holistically and as it has a  consciousness of its own it will always go to the level (physical, mental or emotional) where it is  most needed to bring the person back into balance. 

Scientific studies have shown positive effects on the immune system and its effectiveness for reducing blood pressure and relieving pain.  Click here for scientific references  

Used regularly, Reiki can provide what we are all ultimately seeking - health and unconditional happiness.  A perfect balance that remains constant and persists despite external conditions and changes during our lives.  This happiness then leads us to our highest evolutionary state.

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